Comparison of the Performance of the New RL-3 Impeller to the HE-3 Impeller in a Water Treatment Application

Plant Information:

Pinellas County Florida, South Cross Bayou WRF

Application Information:

Anoxic Basin: Start-up in 2000
Basin Dimensions: 40' long by 35' wide by 17' water depth
Plant Flow: 21 MGD average

Agitators Compared:

5hp at 30 rpm unit with 94" diameter HE-3 up-pumping impeller
5hp at 30 rpm unit with 84" diameter RL-3 down-pumping impeller

 HE-3/RL-3 Initial InstallationHE-3/RL-3 After 8 Weeks Operation
HE-3 HE-3 HE-3
RL-3 HE-3 HE-3


Maintenance Benefits

  • Customer had to drain the basin and increase flow rate to other basins which required manual changes to the process
  • Outfitting personnel for basin entry and removal of fibrous material is eliminated
  • Disposal issues of fibrous material eliminated

Mechanical Benefits

  • Increased up-time of your plant
  • Reduces load on agitator system such as gears, bearings, motor, shaft, and impeller blades
  • Reduced vibration and increased life of agitator

Process Benefits

  • Increased process up-time and elimination of manual process changes
  • Elimination of fibrous material on impeller maintains top to bottom flow pattern which improves solids suspension and blending uniformity in basin
  • Reliable and consistent discharge within plant operating permit limits

Application and Sales Support at Your Disposal

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  • Chemineer Main Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 937-454-3300
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