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星期五, 2月 12, 2016
Chemineer Offers Model 20 HT/GT Top-Entering Agitators
Chemineer offers a line of top-entering agitators designated the Model 20 HT/GT. The agitators are designed for a wide range of service in the chemical,…

星期四, 11月 4, 2010
Chemineer Provides Cost-Effective Solutions for the Biofuels Industry
Chemineer has the process application experience coupled with field-proven product performance advantages to deliver significant benefits to businesses in the biofuels industry. As a leader…

星期二, 10月 12, 2010
Stable Emulsions with Consistent Uniformity Result with Greerco Colloid Mills
Greerco® Colloid Mills, manufactured by Chemineer, are designed specifically to de-agglomerate solids and produce stable liquid emulsions in the micron particle range with consistent uniformity.…

星期二, 9月 14, 2010
Kenics HEV Static Mixer Provides Efficient Performance and Reduced Pressure Drops
Chemineer offers the Kenics® HEV high-efficiency static mixer. The HEV provides pressure losses up to 75% lower than other conventional static mixers, and can handle…

星期二, 8月 17, 2010


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